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9.7/6.9.2020Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, Cinisiello Balsamo

The Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, in collaboration with the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo, presents a photographic exhibition in the main square of the city, a place par excellence for sharing and community life, as a tribute to the citizens and an invitation to regain possession of their cultural heritage and to find in their roots and recent history the strength and enthusiasm to start again, after having lived months of deep emergency.

Until September 6, it will be possible to walk in Piazza Gramsci along a path of about 30 photographs of Mario Cattaneo that - among amusement parks, ballerinas, Sundays at the hydroscope, new conviviality and fashions imported from the United States such as the juke-box and boogie-woogie - give back a glimpse of the leisure and entertainment of Milan' youth in the period after the Second World War and the economic boom and at the same time deliver a message of hope, optimism and rediscovered light-heartedness, more relevant than ever after the drama of the recent pandemic.

The Gallery

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AntiVirus Gallery is a laboratory of ideas and projects related to the photographic specific; its aim is to give back to the photographer the role of a privileged narrator and of an ideal custodian of his territory explored in its different aspects.

The project was born during the Corona Virus - Covid 19 emergency, a pathogen, particularly aggressive and contagious, which found international and national communities completely unarmed and unprepared, and which, spreading very quickly, has crossed every border bringing disease, death and fear everywhere. Since the end of the Second World War, no one has experienced on such a large scale such social alarm as well as such a drastic closure of commercial, recreational, social and cultural activities. All our certainties have been challenged by this invisible enemy, limiting our individual displacements and even some personal freedoms that we have all taken for granted to date, to the point that the issue of reforming the organizational modalities of economic and globalist superstructures is of vital importance for our future and can no longer be postponed.

The awakening of shared consciousness is underway and concerns both the need for a more conscious look at the world and the urgency to change our lifestyle and all social, political, economic and cultural actions in a sustainable and virtuous way. A form of resilience has arisen that has confirmed the importance of networking and has revealed the value - precisely with the regulated freezing of many of its manifestations - of Culture, which continues to prove to be an indispensable instrument of union and participation. Within it, the visual arts can, in our opinion, make a decisive contribution to safeguarding the creative, artisan and productive excellence of our territory, understood as common assets of a wide shared heritage. It is precisely from the territories and from all the local specificities, in a glocal perspective, from the opening to the rest of the world, that a reconstruction based on new foundations can start again. In this perspective, Photography becomes the best art and medium to show and inspire a possible way towards a desirable rebirth.

Photographic images have always represented an observation and restitution of something of reality (both more concrete and, in cases of more experimental and creative photography, less figurative), often also as its critical analysis. Photography is a considerable artistic and "epistemological" means, also because it "exemplifies how we understand things now, today" (Jerry L. Thompson, A che serve la fotografia, Postmedia Books, Milan, 2015). In light of the current emergencies and the many changes that have occurred to change reality, Photography can and must realize its full expressive potential, penetrating even deeper into Society to grasp and highlight its changes.

Our Team

We want You.

AntiVirus Gallery aims to provide a free space for professional and amateur photographers all over the world: we want to deepen their work, and make them known, or know them better. With the help of a multidisciplinary support committee, the AntiVirus Gallery working group will provide for the reception, cataloguing and selection of photographic projects concerning specific places in the world, explored in every possible aspect. Each photographer will contribute, with his or her own sensitivity and vision, to capture the different facets that enrich the story through images of our reality and, therefore, of us. In this way, through the photographic specific, AntiVirus Gallery will contribute at the same time to a deeper knowledge of the territories, whether they are large or small, returned to the eyes of observers from the point of view of each singularity of the author.

AntiVirus Gallery is not interested in canonical travel reportages or with a tourist attitude, often only predatory. Rather, we want to make the spirit of the curious traveller our own, paying attention to the places and people who live there, to the street, to the architecture and landscapes, as well as to the forms of local creativity (art, craftsmanship, cooking), to social and cultural habits and to every other possible area of experience; our gaze can be critical, dreamy or disenchanted from time to time, but always sharp and penetrating, with the intention of returning, for each of the realities explored, an authentic portrait that safeguards their specificity. AntiVirus Gallery therefore intends to divulge and enhance, as said, both the "operator" and the "spectrum" (Roland Barthes, La chambre claire, Paris 1980) pertaining, in fact, to the investigated territory. Thus, the Photographer also becomes a sort of ambassador of the places photographed and the people he portrays, increasing their visibility and encouraging their economic and cultural prosperity.

Call to Action

The time has come to show us through your subjective gaze the bond and passion you have for your Territory. Whether you are a professional, a photography student or a simple amateur on AntiVirus there is a place for you too!

We put no limits to your creativity: any equipment (from simple smartphones to full format cameras), support (analog or digital) and technique are welcome. Through the participation form below we ask you to send a .PDF file with a series of at least seven photos, and describe the type of research behind your photographic work.

If selected, you authorize the organizers and the scientific committee to publish your bio, the link to your site and social channels in addition to the photographs submitted (with indication of the title and name of the author) of which you will retain, as author, the copyright by granting free inclusion on this site, in any branch online related or linked to it and in any other publications, including paper, for the communication of AntiVirus Gallery, the enhancement and conveyance of your work, the series in question and the territories depicted in it.

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