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Calima is the presence in the atmosphere of particles of dust, ash and sand, carried by strong Saharan winds. Its immediate effect is a decrease in visibility and a feeling of discomfort in the eyes, nose and throat.

In recent years, with the increase in pollution, has led to other harmful effects on humans. During a visit to Fuerteventura, the photographer witnessed a Calima sandstorm, perhaps the strongest in the last forty years in the Canary Islands.

This powerful natural phenomenon held the entire island hostage, transforming the landscape into a post-apocalyptic world as depicted in many science fiction texts. The photographs reveal empty landscapes and deserted places, characterized by a warm, veiled light, where human beings appear as solitary figures, like mannequins on an imaginary set of sand.

"Although these photographs document and demonstrate this phenomenon, they are also intended as metaphors for the dilemma of our modern existence. Indeed, they seek a dialogue between attraction and repulsion, seduction and fear. They also show us our dependence on nature and how we are only a part of it. For me, these photographs function as mirrors of our age, landscapes that are clearly not panoramas of an inexhaustible and sustainable world."

Raffaele Ferrari

Raffaele Ferrari

Raffaele Ferrari è nato nel 1980. Dopo la laurea in Psicologia all'Università di Firenze, si trasferisce a Barcellona e inizia a lavorare come psicologo. Durante questo periodo si sviluppa la sua passione per la fotografia. Inizia a lavorare con la fotografia analogica, per poi concentrare il suo lavoro nella fotografia documentaria e di paesaggio. Il suo ultimo progetto fotografico riguarda la vita sulle coste del mare, esplorando gli oceani e il Mar Mediterraneo. Raffaele Ferrari ha esposto le sue serie fotografiche in numerose mostre personali e collettive in Italia e in tutta Europa. Il suo lavoro è stato riconosciuto con alcuni premi internazionali. Vive in Toscana quando non viaggia.

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