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Working with photography, video, and installations, I realized my project, which revolves around matter and memory, through two directions, the intimate, social, and the stylistic. If, on the one hand, I continue my research on the elements of the past, of experience, and on the relationship between them and nature, on the other hand, I introduce a metaphorical reflection on the relationship of "identity" - "body" - " material", with respect to the stylistic elements introduced. Mine is an inner investigation, strong and intense, which starts from the real to inevitably reach a dimension of the soul. Redeem, the key word of my work, which finds in photography an instrument of reflection and analysis. Roots, sheet metal and rust are just some of the elements that filter like filaments of a plot in the photographic shot. A roughness that interweaves natural and non-natural elements, that corrodes sheet metal over time, like the disintegration of bodies. Recovery and redemption also assume a social connotation. Sheets, burnt skins, undone bodies become relics that mark a loss of identity, place and context. From the earth and its elements, from the transformation of the Informal, we move on to an artistic choice that is not caged in the context in which it was conceived but is contaminated with it, through the experimentation of forms and the use of "pictorial photography", with significant symbolic value. [ "After the battle", inevitably there is evidence of a struggle, pain, signs that become permanent, indelible. But time intervenes, creating paths of trampled grass, new paths on which to walk in order to return to a glimpse of the sun, of life...] [...the search in the spiritual and material description of his inner world becomes sociality, openness, and identification with the other, but also symbiosis with nature, which returns as an inner path, the "return to life" that inevitably closes the circle...]

Most of the photos presented here are included in publications. In particular we remember: Pina Della Rossa | DOPO LA BATTAGLIA BATTAGLIA - Paparo Editore - Naples - Texts by M. Franco, M. Di Mauro, A. Pagliuca, A. Pacelli - edited by Area 24 Space, 2013

Pina Della Rossa

Pina Della Rossa

L'artista Pina Della Rossa, vive e lavora a Napoli. Docente di Disegno e Storia dell’Arte, è attiva sulla scena dell’Arte dagli anni ottanta. Si occupa di comunicazione per immagini attraverso il visual design, la fotografia, installazioni e opere tridimensionali, fino all'uso delle nuove tecnologie digitali e multimediali. Ha esposto in numerose mostre nazionali e internazionali, con artisti di fama, quali: Nobuyoshi Araki, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Dennis Oppenheim, Daniel Spoerri, Michele Zaza. Le sue opere sono in Collezioni Permanenti presso Musei e Archivi di arte contemporanea, di diverse città italiane e all’estero. Un suo lavoro più recente è entrato in Collezione al MUSEO MADRE di Napoli. Nel 2016 è stata inserita nell’ATLANTE dell’Arte Contemporanea a Napoli e in Campania, a cura di V. Trione – per il progetto di ricerca e documentazione del Museo MADRE - Napoli. Ed. Electa.

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