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There are places in the world that, although not strictly circumscribed, are recognizable as belonging to the same atmosphere and "temperature". The visual investigation in question seems to fall within this type of territory, real and emblematic of an environmental characteristic and at the same time similar in other parts of the world. What stands out in this series of photos is an almost literal immersion in a misty light with warm tones - red, orange, sometimes pink and ochre - in which people, things and landscapes seem to appear ready to re-enter the foggy brightness of reality. Smog, or sand, or moisture that remains afloat, a scorching sun that, even in the sunset and night, has acted to mark the space with its burning bark: everything contributes to giving an impression of impalpability to the figuration, which we know to be, instead, tangible. The reportage is real, even ruthless, in narrating even the least exhibited and most miserable folds of the life of and in places; it always gives, in any case, a sort of dignified epic of everyday life. Our photographer is a traveller, never a tourist - this is never a real operator -- and, in the discretion, in the almost invisibility of his presence, he manages to look lucidly and to give us back without compromise the spectrum which, one understands, has become so familiar to him that it is aesthetically characterized with a photographic style, with a structured aesthetic, in short: with a peculiar beauty.

Rohit Mistry

Rohit Mistry

Rohit Mistry by day is a designer and developer based in London, UK. At sunset he wears the shoes of a photographer and tells us about the soul of the city with his shots.

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