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Etai Shomri, with his photographic research, shows us a fascinating and mostly unseen Israel: suspended, decadent, far away in time. He has the merit of giving it back to us full of color and details, indelible and permanently imprinted on the films of which we present here some scans.

"I look for abandoned places, suspended in time. Places where once there was man and where now nature has taken over. I seek landscapes and objects that have been altered by politics and culture. By exploring these concrete failures, these mistakes, these haunted spaces, I want to expose the imperfections of our society."

Etai Shomri

Etai Shomri

Etai Shomri is an Israeli cinematographer and photographer specializing in the art of film. He is particularly interested in the influence that culture and politics have on the landscape. He is currently working on the publication of his first photography book.

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