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The project was born from the strong bond that photographer Fabiana Scattareggia, a recent graduate from the Rufa - Rome University of Fine Arts - has with her homeland, Calabria, and the desire for rebellion that drove her away from it.

"'Calabria is ruggedly beautiful, it is a bitter land, contaminated by savages. Today, Calabria is a land that is defined by many as welcoming, but which often becomes the scene of inconceivable violence. A country tormented by crime and abandoned by the State. It has many holes that have never been covered, which is why I felt the need to live it, to tell its story, losing myself in the looks of the people, in the boundless nature. My gaze was "far away" in everything I photographed, starting from nature and arriving at more difficult subjects such as the 'Ndrangheta. My aim is to make anyone who looks at the project reflect on the conditions in Calabria."

Fabiana Scattareggia

Fabiana Scattareggia

Fabiana Scattarreggia è nata in Calabria nel 1998. Dopo aver frequentato il liceo classico si trasferisce a Roma, cominciando un nuovo percorso studi presso l'Università "Rufa- Rome University of Fine Arts", conseguendo dopo tre anni la laurea in fotografia. Durante il suo percorso di studi ha sperimentato diversi linguaggi, mostrando maggiore interesse per la fotografia documentaria.

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