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In the spring, during the lockdown, very different feelings alternated in our minds.

For me there is a relationship between this period and the trip to New York that I made in February 2015. I had gone to New York for the retrospective of Edith Schloss, my dearest friend among the artists of Rome.

I was happy to be there, having collaborated in the realization of the exhibition, after so much work done at a distance, to meet the curator, to see Edith's son again. Emotionally, it was a painful journey, a turning point. I carried with me the sadness of having lost my mother in October 2014. I looked around, I felt in a dream, I was looking for a balance between the pain of loss and love, between the sadness and the euphoria of the journey, the crowd at the inauguration, Edith's letters displayed in a window, and outside the big city that never stops.

The photos reflect my moods; I was attracted and rejected, urged and alienated by what I saw. The cold and the snow were of an unreal, welcoming beauty: a rebirth. This haiku by Kobayashi Issa expresses everything in a few words: "Just because I exist | I am here | among falling snow".

Silvia Stucky

Silvia Stucky

Silvia Stucky

Silvia Stucky lives and works in Rome. Her work includes photography, video, artist books, painting, installation and performance. She has exhibited in galleries, museums, video festivals, in Italy, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Indonesia, India, Iran, Morocco, Netherlands, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey. Central elements of her work are immobility in mutability and depth in 'simple' things. Attentive to nature and environmental issues, interested in the thought of other cultures as a source of wealth, she has always directed her gaze to interpret and share knowledge.

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