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"Perdersi" is a project carried out in the suburbs of Rome. It is a diary of images that are the result of a free exploration without a precise destination. Moving away from the chaos of the city centre, the author finds herself wandering in places in her own city that are surrounded by greenery but still bear the marks left by man.

In this fusion of nature and artificiality, a new dimension emerges in which time seems to stand still. Undefined and silent places, rubbish, road signs and abandoned buildings are the main subjects of this photographic series. The desaturated and low-contrast colours accentuate the static nature of the images. In this exploration, the act of photographing is slow and contemplative, the sequence follows a continuous flow with no starting or finishing point.

Cristina De Rosa

Cristina De Rosa

Cristina De Rosa was born in Rome in 1999. After attending art school in the field of graphics, she obtained a degree in photography at the Rome University of Fine Arts. During her studies she experimented with different languages, including documentary photography.

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