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Apparently in order, in reality they are intrusive cars (now out of production), all abandoned in places (such as squares, squares, widenings, corners) not used for parking. Surreal and metaphysical places that could be anywhere. 

If the car does not seem to cause any disturbance at the moment of the shot, nothing is known about the moment before or after it, how much the car - out of place - is really cluttered. For a private need a common agreement is not respected, a private object is thrown in a public context. The space becomes disharmonious: born not as a parking lot, it becomes so in a forced way. 

If on the one hand the photograph documents a fact, on the other hand it sublimates the act. 

Mattia Morelli

Mattia Morelli

Mattia Morelli (1985), originally from Puglia, moved from his childhood between Lecce, Rome, Turin and Bologna. After his classical studies, he graduated first in Painting and then in Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts. He exhibited in various artistic events in Italy (Bologna, Milan, Naples, Rome, Spoleto, Turin) and abroad (Amsterdam, Arles, Copenhagen, Grenoble, Miami, Paris). Over the years he collaborated with the photographer Nino Migliori, the sculptor Maurizio Mochetti and the art critic Mario Dal Bello. His photographs are featured on Artribune, Il Fatto Quotidiano, La Repubblica and L'Espresso. He currently lives and works in Rome.

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