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We present here a selection edited and selected by the professionals of AntiVirus Gallery of the personal project of Giuseppe Pitino, train chief of Trenitalia.

As Toni Thorinbert rightly states, a portrait is above all the testimony of a meeting: REG2490 takes us on the trains of the Italian regional railways, an essential link between even very different territories, offering us the opportunity to observe their varied humanity with the photographer's privileged gaze and point of view.

"My work takes place on the trains that run on the rails of south-eastern Sicily, every day I relate to many people; commuters, tourists, students; people that you often meet once and that you will never see again. It may happen that the short trip is an opportunity for an exchange of jokes, to tell a piece of life, to get to know each other a little bit beyond the simple glance, and then, as a testimony of our meeting, I ask the traveler the opportunity to photograph him, to make a portrait. It is an act of trust, to be photographed, and I am grateful for it when it happens.

Giuseppe Pitino

Giuseppe Pitino

Giuseppe Pitino, nato nel 1959 in Sicilia, dopo un approccio giovanile con la fotografia, comincia a approcciarsi "seriamente" al mondo fotografico nel 2015, quando si scrive a un corso base nel gruppo fotografico della sua città. In questi anni ha frequentato diversi workshop in italia e all'estero, ha avuto due portfolio pubblicati sul magazine Cities, (Barocco street nel 2018 e "Wonderland in Venezia" nel 2019). Nel 2018 a Modica ha esposto una mostra personale di fotografia "Cuba sospesa" con un reportage realizzato a Cuba subito dopo la morte di Fidel Castro.

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