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Stolen portraits. Instants of existence captured in the most classic street-photography style over a decade from 2008 to 2018. Around Europe. From Lisbon to Edinburgh, passing through Dublin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Madrid and London's Soho. Looks that cross the photographer's lens revealing, without any filter and with fervent realism, the complexity and fragility, at the same time, of the human essence and nature. Taxi drivers, priests, cooks, sellers of fans. A catwalk of anti-heroes that every day come to terms with the bittersweet taste of existence, remaining almost anonymous, invisible, common. Looks that tell, in the silence of a shot, multiple experiences. Stories and emotions that we will never know. But that, perhaps, belong to us. And maybe, in some way, we can imagine.

Michele Punturieri

Michele Punturieri

Born in Reggio Calabria in December 1976. Graduated in Economy. Free-lance Photographer. He started shooting at the age of 20. Some of his works have appeared in Italian and international webzines: Private, Monovisions, Design Radar (Interview), Orca Magazine, Frattura Scomposta, True Eye, Twohundredby200, Blanket Magazine, Phirebrush. Focused on black and white, portraiture and street. Among his major influences: Daido Moriyama, Morten Andersen, Michael Ackerman, Elliott Erwitt, Dennis Stock, Bruce Davidson, Mario Giacomelli, Saul Leiter, Ferdinando Scianna, Anton Corbijn and Nigel Parry.

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