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"Suburbanity", realized by photographer and architect Martin Schenck with a medium format analog camera, tries to discover the characteristic structures of the German suburban territory, the calm (apparent, ed) and the feeling of isolation to which these environments are often associated.

It is impossible, observing these shots, not to feel certain echoes of Bernd and Hilla Becher's photography, although the author, unlike the couple, intelligently brings color into the scene, offering us an original and curious vision of the places (and non-places) shown here and thus giving us a portrait interested not only in the formal aspect but also in the social one.

Martin Schenck

Martin Schenck

Martin Schenck, architect and photographer, lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany. Analog photography is a tool for him to explore the urban environment, highlighting the spaces and structures that are or are not able to have a visual quality.

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