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The In-Between is made up from a selection of Images taken by the New Zealand Photographer Jacob Oward over a 5 month period traveling throughout Morocco, Egypt and Jordan. It was lead by a curiosity of the unknown, with an interest in the spaces between no longer and not yet, unexpected encounters and moments of change.

Jacob Howard's photographs of desert territories contain their own pictorial surprising character. The images are beautiful, definitely, as captivating as those places are; but that's not all that sets them apart. They show us rarefied areas, where an effect of space-time suspension, almost metaphysical, is even perceptible. And once again it is not only all here. In fact, it is the composition he identified, selected, rendered with a specific cut, made of surfaces and shapes by astrattist to make this landscape reportage unique, where even the colours - in details such as small brushstrokes, or in more full backgrounds - refer to some sort of pictorial refinement. 

Pictorial but not pictorialist, nor aesthetizing: simply, Jacob Howard immortalizes something real, complex lands returned in a clear-cut way, straight, but with the dowry of making us perceive the elimination of the background noise, the silence, the essentiality of the view that in some cases reminds us of certain installations and settings of Land Art, in other structures from Minimalism, in others, as said, recalls the geometric abstraction.

Jacob Howard

Jacob Howard

Jacob Howard is a New Zealand photographer and communication designer currently based/confined in Amman, Jordan. His photographic work shows a clear understanding of symmetry and an eye for detail. He mainly focuses on certain objects or a specific image detail. In 2014, Jacob Howard’s photographs were honored with the international awards for fine art landscapes and fine art portrait photography. His pictures have been featured in several publications.
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