Visioni d’Autore

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18.12.2020 – prima visione del documentario di Barbara Martusciello nella cornice di “Flautissimo 2020” | Visioni d’autore :

"A dark place of desire. Photographers look at Rome."

Sette video, sette interviste, sette visioni, sette concezioni di Roma che si rivela dalle infinite sfaccettature.

Da un’idea di Stefano Cioffi, prodotto da Accademia italiana del flauto per Flautissimo 2020

Barbara Martusciello meets 7 photographers who have turned their gaze to the forgotten places of the Eternal City. A multifaceted and dynamic portrait that tells of a Rome that is never still, frenetic in its slow pace, whose light dazzles and charms both its inhabitants and its visitors. An atypical Rome, unconfessed, whose seductive power is alive despite the discomfort.


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