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"Zenith Nature" is an ongoing project by Michele Molinari, writer and photographer.

"It all started with the purchase of a drone a couple of years ago, but it grew mostly because of the pandemic when, for long periods, people were banned from crossing city limits, let alone traveling."

Flying over the natural parks surrounding the lakes of his hometown was - and still is - for the artist a way to escape the everyday and the ordinary.

"I used the healing power of photography and my subjective view of nature to counterbalance the loss of control that the pandemic threw on my life. On all lives. I like surprises. So, I focus on producing an image that is not immediately recognizable for what it is."

"The zenith perspective helps a lot, we usually look at nature from below or from the side, while editing focuses on an area hit by radiant light, the buds popping up in spring, the lines drawn by branches and leaves; basically the differences in colors and shapes, the passage of time. I try to highlight what makes nature so incredibly plural, even in a city park."

Michele plans to expand the series and explore other locations when restrictions related to the ongoing pandemic allow.

Michele Molinari

Michele Molinari

Michele Molinari è un artista autodidatta, fotografo di lunga data, scrittore. Vive a Mantova e ha vissuto a Milano, New York e Buenos Aires, passando lentamente da una frenetica carriera freelance nel giornalismo e nella fotografia a una routine più rilassata che coinvolge arte e natura. È concettuale, ma non troppo. I suoi lavori si basano su esperienze di vita e momenti ordinari mescolati a fascinazioni per la luce, lo scorrere del tempo, la tecnologia. Ha una formazione in Ingegneria Civile e Biologia. Alcune delle sue opere appartengono a gallerie e collezioni private. La sua ispirazione risale alla Pop Art e all'Arte Povera, ma è continuamente alimentata da visite a gallerie e musei, di persona e virtualmente.

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